Hotel Paradijs, 2006
written and directed by Jan Krüger
Shortfilm, 30 min

Every day Paul crosses the canal, that seperates the city centre from the industrial area, in which his lover Christiaan lives and waits for him impatiently. A dear routine for both - until one day Paul meets the mysterious Claire, who starts seducing him into her very own universe - the 'Hotel Paradijs'. She manages to make Paul the audience of her own play: a play with swapped roles, which Paul seems to be ever less capable of...

Director's note
"Hotel Paradijs" is about desire. It's about its magic and its darkness, about the irrational.
I envision a shooting on original locations in Amsterdam, where I have just spent a year studying in the Binger Filmlab. The emphasis will not be on too much of a technical effort, instead I'm always looking for the right visual feeling of a life on the border of day and night, desire, happiness and pain.