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Ten concert pianoís, five composers/conductors and five video artist, surrounded by giant video screens. That is the setting of the multimedia art event 0. (zero point) that will take place on Monday 5th of February in the Paradiso in Amsterdam. In 90 minutes a spectacular "gesammtkunstwerk" of images and music will be created by the live interaction of video artists and musicians who react on each other by projecting/playing video and music fragments. It will be a confrontation of classical music instruments and modern media. Improvisation is a key element of this performance, which makes O. a very exciting event. At the start of the performance only elements of video art and compositions exist. A time scale is the only direction the video artist and composers have during de performance. At the scene the order will be decided of all the available elements.

The name O. relates to zero, an empty start. From this point a three dimensional artwork of video art and music is built. The music and sound fragments are the building blocks of this artwork.

The video artists and composers involved in this art project are: Arnoud Noordegraaf, David Dramm, Cor Fuhler, Yannis Kyriakides (winner Gaudeamus Music Award 2000), Marko Ciciliani, Iris Hoppe, Nynke Deinema, Oliver Schwabe, Jean-Pierre Sens, and Hermelinde Hergenhahn. They all are young (and upcoming) talents and are internationally active.

O. is initiated by Synartes, a foundation that has the goal to stimulate multidisciplinary art projects. The performance starts at 9 PM, the doors open at 8.30 PM. Tickets cost FL 17,50 (Paradiso membership excluded). Tickets can be purchased in advance at the post offices, by calling the Amsterdam Uitburo (tel: 0900-0191). For more information about the performance and the participants please visit our website or call Willemijn van der Laan, + 31 6 24667872.

O. Monday 5, 2001, Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam.

Leading composer: Arnoud Noordegraaf
Leading video artist: Iris Hoppe
Composers: David Dramm, Cor F¸hler, Yannis Kyriakides, Marko Ciciliani
Video artists: Nynke Deinema, Oliver Schwabe, Jean-Pierre Sens, Hermelinde Hergenhahn
Initiator: Willemijn van der Laan
Production: Esther Vossen, Joris Worst
Publicity: Robbert Lammertink, Siart Smit
Webmaster: Ronald Dijkstra, Nynke Deinema

Contributions of the following have made the realisation of O. possible: Evert Snel Pianoís en Vleugels, Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst, Eduard van Beinum Stichting (commisioner of composers) en the VSB Fonds.